insideKENT Magazine insideKENT Issue 68 Nov 2017 - Page 81

FOOD+DRINK THE CAST IRON GRILL at Tudor Park BY LISAMARIE LAMB A RESTAURANT IN A HOTEL CAN SOMETIMES BE SOMETHING OF A GAMBLE. YES, THEY DO TEND TO BE BUSY, BUT IS THAT BECAUSE THE FOOD IS GOOD, OR BECAUSE THE CLIENTELE ARE A BIT… TRAPPED? THANKFULLY, WHEN IT COMES TO THE CAST IRON GRILL AT THE TUDOR PARK MARRIOTT IN MAIDSTONE, IT IS THE FORMER RATHER THAN THE LATTER, AND EATING HERE IS NEVER A GAMBLE – YOU’LL ALWAYS WIN, WHATEVER YOU CHOOSE. And so choose we did. After settling down at our table, it was the first thing that was required of us. In fact, it was the only thing that was required of us – the service at the Cast Iron Grill was absolutely impeccable, meaning that we could truly relax and enjoy our evening out, sure that nothing would be too much for the staff here. That level of service and attention to detail does make all the difference. We decided to opt for the grilled lamb kofte to start with, along with the grilled king scallops. The kofte was served with hummus, coriander and garlic. It arrived looking ZXH[[\[\\[]ZYHX\\]\[]Y\\[ YHXK\XHX\ۙY \\BܙX]\\YX[ [B[\Y][X\YH[ܚ\H[]K\B\\ٝ[ܙX[^K^B[[Y]H[H[]B[[[X^XH\^HYY[ܙX]Yˈ\B[Hܚ[YYBHXZ[\H\\\™YX[HX\[ۈXZH\B\\YY[]Y\H]BX]H[H]Y\[ۈBZ]\\]H[X[Y[ H[܈BZH][[ۈ[]\ܙ\˜[HYYܝX]ܙX[YY]\[]\YܙY[ˈ[XHH[XX[H]H] BZ^Y[X]YH]H8$\ž[H[H\™\\Y8$[[[X][B[&]XH]\]KZB[HYX[\B[Y[]Y[]Z[\X[Z[ݙ\ۙH\Y\BXۙ]HY]H\\ۈܚ[ۙ]^XH]™]\\Hܝ[ۈو\[]\]Y^XH\HY][ \[Y[ܙ[\˜X\[[Y[[[[˜\\\H]Y[] \܂H[\X)H\H8&Y[[H[]8&H[Hݙ\\Y[]Y\[X[\YX]]\Y[Y[ ][\\H]\B\H]YYB\Y X]\H]Y^XB] [X^[]X[]K[\X[[HܙX[YY]\\H^\[ۘ[ [[[YH\\ ›]XXK]BN[Y] YZHX[YY] ]Y[\H\YٙBٙYH[[\[]Y[\Y]Yx&\[XY\[[HXHܙX[H[H[[ۈ[0YH\]\\Y\[ܙX[K[Y]\HY[]Y[][Hۙ^XXY\XZH][Y\[Y[XHܙX[x)HYH\\ۈܚ[\][H[[]\H]\ٚYY H[\]\[]ٙ\\]X8$Y[ܙH8$[]YY][\\\Y][H]\Y\x&\Xx&[HX˂H\\ۈܚ[]Y܈\\ܙYX\Y XZYۙBQLM B M ˛X\[ ˝ZŽ