insideKENT Magazine insideKENT Issue 68 Nov 2017 - Page 74

CHRISTMAS Christmas Shopping IN KENT cont. Folkestone’s Creative Quarter, Folkestone The Creative Quarter in Folkestone is exactly the place to go when you want to find something a little different and a bit edgy…something that even the hardest to buy for people are just going to love. This area of town is jam-packed full of unique, boutique stores that will appeal to everyone. Bouverie's 'Modelsearch' winners 2017 - Tia Jenner and Elliot Hammond, both aged six. County Square, Ashford Ashford is a shopper’s paradise, and County Square Shopping Centre in the town centre is a dream. There are more than 50 different stores under one magnificent roof including Next, Debenhams, New Look and H&M. Fashion, homeware, sporting goods, toys…it’s all here. If you time things right you might even get to experience one of the many pop-up shops that regularly appear here. Ashford Designer Outlet, Ashford If you like to sniff out a bargain, Ashford Designer Outlet is the right place for you to discover all manner of different ideas for your Christmas gifting. You can buy designer items with as much as 60 per cent off their retail price, so not only will you come away with everything you need, you can feel the glow of having saved money while you do it. Abercrombie and Fitch, Calvin Klein Jeans, Fossil, Hugo Boss, All Saints, Moss Bros and Superdry are just a handful of the 80 plus brands to explore. Everyone loves a farmers’ market, and this is a farmers’ market that is bigger and better than most of the others out there. There are local cheesemakers, fishmongers, butchers, grocers, wine, cider, beer and spirits producers, places to buy Kentish cobnuts, freshly made black pudding, bread hot from the oven… No X]\][HYY[H[[]\K[ۙ][Hو[X[\[][H]\X[\Y[HY]H[[\][] ۘH\Y [Hۛ[H\[&]]] ΋YY ˝Z˛^X]\Y\XK˝Z˛X\\[KZ\ܙ Y\Yۙ\[]] [HY [\\B]\YHXH[[K\ۙB\[\HX[[^][[HوYY]H˜[Y\[HY[H[[Z[][\KH]\YBXH[[K\ۙK[XZH[\\X\œ[HX\\KۛH] H[H\\]H[[Y܈[H[Z[Kۈ]\^H Nݙ[X\H]\YBXH\X\[Z[H[^H\[܈[[\[\˜[[\Z[\\HZ\[][H[H[[˂Y[H[\ܛHۈYH[[[X]H\X\˛^X]\Y\XK˝Z܈[ܙH]Z[ˈ܈[[\\[HZ\\\Y[H[\ܛH]\^B]ݙ[X\[]\H]\^H[[^HH L[KBK\]\H^H]Y[ N[ ܙX[X\BL[KMK܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋX\H۝X][ۙK܂[[H\Hۈ L  L