insideKENT Magazine insideKENT Issue 68 Nov 2017 - Page 72

CHRISTMAS Christmas Shopping IN KENT cont. BLUEWATER WELCOMES A HOST OF FABULOUS NEW STORES JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS BLUEWATER, WHICH IS HOME TO OVER 300 STORES, HAS RECENTLY WELCOMED THE LIKES OF COACH, NEAL’S YARD REMEDIES, PRAVINS AND GODIVA WITH NEW STORES FROM SNOW+ROCK, KATE SPADE NEW YORK AND JOULES ARRIVING IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS. Ideal for indulgent gifting, Coach is a modern luxury brand offering bags and leather accessories for both men and women. Organic health and beauty brand Neal’s Yard Remedies offers luxury products for men and women across skincare, bath & body, mother & baby, aromatherapy and wellbeing. Many products are beautifully presented in gift packages, making them ideal stocking fillers. Also opening its doors is the latest boutique from popular women’s designer Kate Spade New York, featuring exuberant clothing, handbags, jewellery, fashion accessories, fragrance and more. For stylish gifts for her and him, British fashion and lifestyle brand Joules offers everything from socks and scarves to investment bags and coats inspired by British country lifestyles. Looking for something extra special? Add a little sparkle with a gift from Pravins, where you can explore the boutique’s latest collection of exquisite jewellery. Or, perfect for chocolate lovers, share the love this Christmas with a box of indulgent Belgian truffles from Bluewater’s new luxury chocolatier, Godiva. Whether you’re wrapping up for winter or wrapping up a present, outdoor enthus X\[H[YYHH\][وۛԛXٙ\HYH[Hو[[\]Z\Y[HHܛ \H[[X[[ˈY[x&\H[]]B[\[[][H܈ N[ۛԛš\[YH[\&\YY \H[H[[[H]][HXۈX˂̂[Y[]XZ\[H[ܞKZHHXZ™H]Z[\\HH[ٙ]ۙHقݙ\ X\X][[]Y]]\[Y[]\]\X\ZXKT’][X[H\\YH[\ۋX]\H]8&\\X\Y]]\[B^[[Z\[[\^H[][]\H ݙ[X\ܙ\\B[[[ LHH[ۙ^H]\^K[[[ L\H]Y[H L][ ܙX[X\\ZHY[YHوHYH\\[[^K]\H^K[H[^H\›ۙ\[HZK[][ܙH]˘Y]]\˝Z