insideKENT Magazine insideKENT Issue 68 Nov 2017 - Page 32

ARTS+ENTERTAINMENT an interview with PALOMA FAITH BECOMING A PARENT IS JUST ABOUT THE BIGGEST EVENT IN ANYONE’S LIVES, BRINGING WITH IT A RAFT OF CHALLENGES AND UNFORESEEN SCENARIOS THAT POTENTIALLY POSE THE STERNEST OF TESTS. BY NEILL BARSTON For Paloma Faith, the experience of being a new mum may have left her wondering where her next night’s sleep might ever be coming from, yet it’s brought a renewed sense of purpose and focus to her music. “I’m trying to juggle being a mother and a singer. I have no idea how I am managing, but I am somehow,” she laughs, recountin g her whirlwind existence recording her fourth studio album. It seems the singer is enjoying a comparatively settled phase of her life living with French boyfriend Leyman Lahcine, and it’s apparent that starting a family has directly influenced her music. The 36-year old Londoner has already amassed an enviable career over the past decade that has seen her become the only female artist beyond Adele to have three double platinum recordings to her name. “I do feel my approach to music has changed since I’ve become a parent – which does have an impact. With difficult things that are happening in the world, you feel protective and want to make things comfortable for your family.” While it’s been a road requiring plenty of hard graft, her artfully soulful sound and quirky style have undoubtedly played their part in propelling the Hackney-born star to success. Much like any other artist in the limelight, her rise has come with the perhaps inevitable burden of being followed around by the ever- hungry paparazzi. The singer’s latest offering, The Architect, follows boldly in its predecessors’ footsteps, 32 showcasing her distinctive powerful vocals that have earned comparisons with everyone from 60’s icons such as Etta James and Billie Holiday, through to the late Amy Winehouse.