insideKENT Magazine insideKENT Issue 68 Nov 2017 - Page 147

NEWS DISPUTE RESOLUTION TEAM INCREASES PRESENCE IN CANTERBURY Next year Whitehead Monckton celebrates their 5th anniversary of the opening of their new office in Canterbury. With the three offices across Kent in Maidstone and Tenterden as well as Canterbury, they’re very well placed to help clients as their businesses prosper with the improved outlook for the economy. David Riordan, associate solicitor in the expanding Dispute Resolution Team will be moving to the Canterbury office full time from November 2017. David previously worked in Canterbury before joining Whitehead Monckton in 2014 and is delighted to be returning to an area he knows so well. David specialises in a range of business, personal and property-related disputes and is currently based at Whitehead Monckton’s Maidstone head office in King Street. Christopher Longden who is head of the Dispute Resolution Team at Whitehead Monckton commented: “We’re delighted David is moving to our Canterbury office. This is a great time for the firm; business continues to improve in all areas and our office in Canterbury is now well established in the City. Having David available to provide dispute resolution services for clients in Canterbury gives us that extra expertise, spread and capacity.” SEVENOAKS SCHOOL STUDENTS CELEBRATE LOCAL RESIDENT’S 101ST BIRTHDAY Students from Sevenoaks School held a birthday party for local resident, Vicky Lutton, one of the members of the school’s Thursday Club. Vicky celebrated her landmark 101st birthday at the school with a specially baked cake, party food and presents. She belongs to a group of local elderly residents that attends the Thursday Club, held at the Sennocke boarding house at Sevenoaks School. The Thursday Club is held weekly and is run by 11 students from Year 10 to Upper Sixth, who are participating in the school’s Voluntary Service Unit’s (VSU) community programme. As part of this, the students socialise and spend time with the residents and enjoy engaging in a range of activities together, which vary each week. Activities include, \[[›]\X\ܛYYHY[[\[YB^\Y[\ˈ[ۜ[\\^HZK\Y]\X[[[^'BXH\Y[][[HX܈B[X\وYX\[\][\H[X]Y\N][ L \^\]HY[˜[\Y[X\وHXXHZY'H[ܛYH[YY]\H]X[\XX]H[Hܚ[Y][X[[X[\XY\وH[\B\XH[] JH]][Z ^\Έ8'[[H\^HX\Bۙ\[ܝ[]H[[[[]\X\HXX\B[[Y[K[]]]H[[\][ۈ]\ݙ[H\]ܜ[HX\YX[]X \Y[]H[HقH[[\[\[\Hš]HHX\ۈ]Y HY[[\Z[HH[\[\JK\ܛ\[Y\œ]Z[\\\[X[HYY\š]H][Y[ݙ\Hܛ ]X[BܚY\[ 'BSTPHԕTQԈUTSPTSTPSHQR“[]\]H[[X\[\XH[\[\Y[ܝ\Y܈Y][\XY\ˈ][Y[X[B[[Y[Hܝ\܈H\H[Z[H]\[H\][\\H]\H\ܚX\H\[[H[[܈˜]YܚY\[H[Y[]\ M8$\]YHY[[YBوHYX\[ݙ\[\Y[[YKH]YܞH[\[ݙ\[[Y[]\&H[\[H[[Yۈ]ݙ[X\\][[[[HH[\›وHXXH܈H\][\\H]\ۈ ݙ[X\M