insideKENT Magazine insideKENT Issue 68 Nov 2017 - Page 123

Maureen’s Story Age 70, Kent Concept™ Facelift & Neck Lift “I spent a long time looking in the mirror holding up the sides of my face dreaming of how I could look and imagining a lower face without deep lines. After much consideration, I chose Bella Vou because Amir is a totally professional, fi rst-rate cosmetic surgeon. With no sedation, only a local anaesthetic, the quick recovery time, no bandages and no overnight stay away from home, it really was an easy decision to make. Before Lead consultant surgeon, Amir Nakhdjevani, with Maureen just ONE HOUR after her surgery! The Bella Vou staff are fantastic and make you feel very welcome. My surgery experience was so good that I couldn’t believe I was chatting away whilst having a combined Concept™ Facelift and Neck Lift procedure! Amir is absolutely brilliant at putting you at ease. Lots of people ask me if it was worth it. It most certainly was worth it. I felt there was a younger person waiting to get out, it has made a great difference to me and how confi dent I feel.” After 1 week Book your free consultation today by calling 01892 257 063 and quoting ‘InsideKENT’ Or book online at #1 Cosmetic Surgeon in the UK Top 100 Cosmetic Surgeon in the world Amir Nakhdjevani MBBS, MRCS, FRCS Before you consider any procedure you should consult with a physician to check your medical suitability. The above information is only a brief overview and typical of most patients’ experiences. Errors and omissions excepted. © 2017 Bella Vou Ltd. 01892 257 063 Text 07800 007 028