insideKENT Magazine insideKENT Issue 68 Nov 2017 - Page 122

HEALTH+WELLNESS BELLA VOU Q&A YOUR COSMETIC PROCEDURE QUESTIONS ANSWERED BY MR AMIR NAKHDJEVANI OF BELLA VOU, TUNBRIDGE WELLS. QUESTION: "Now that winter's here and I won't be showing off so much skin, I think it's the perfect time to look into tattoo removal. What does this procedure entail, and how long will it take before I can show off my skin again?" ANSWER: the skin is needed around the tattoo, as it would need to be possible to cut around the tattoo and draw the cut skin edges together with stitches. Depending on the tattoo, surgical tattoo removal will normally remove the artwork completely, leaving a small scar that will fade over time. STAGED TATTOO REMOVAL Where removal of the whole tattoo would leave a gap in your skin, and fail to be drawn together very easily with stitches, then staged surgery can be used. A comfortable amount of the tattoo is removed to allow stitching of the wound. Once you have recovered from that surgery, the skin would have stretched enough to allow another portion of the tattoo to be removed. When people decide to get a tattoo, they are so often told ‘you will regret it later in life’. Although some people continue to love their tattoos, many people do come to regret them. Like everything else, tattoos follow trends and if that tribal design that once seemed so cool is no longer popular then you may be left wondering why you didn’t listen. One thing none of us want to see is a constant reminder of the past permanently fixed on our skin. If you feel like you constantly have to hide your body ink under layers of clothing then tattoo removal may be for you. So what surgical options are there for permanent Tattoo Removal? LASER REMOVAL SKIN GRAFTING/FLAP RECONSTRUCTION AFTER TATTOO REMOVAL This form of surgery is used as an alternative to staged tattoo removal, and involves taking a skin graft from another area of your body, which is used to fill in a gap that cannot be drawn together with stitches. In the past, once you made the decision to get a tattoo it would pretty much be a lifelong commitment. However, advances in medical technology over recent years mean that laser treatments that specifically target tattoo removal are available. If the area is too large or the graft would not give aesthetically acceptable results, then a skin flap procedure can be used, which involves taking the skin and underlying fat and muscle and moving it to the site where the tattoo has been removed. Although lasers can be effective, the downside is that they can leave scarring or not fully remove the tattoo. They can also damage your skin's pigmentation leaving a white shadow of the tattoo design behind. The lasers can also have extreme difficulty in removing certain tattoo colours, such as reds and greens, although they are more effective for black pigment. Laser removal also takes a long time to deliver results and typically 10 to 12 sessions may be required. Tattoo removal specialists at Bella Vou offer both a safe yet effective tattoo removal treatment. So if you are tired of hiding away and want to forget the past and move on into the future, then contact Bella Vou to discuss your options: Bella Vou Pantiles Clinic SINGLE OPERATION TATTOO REMOVAL Depending on the size, shape and position of the tattoo it can be possible to surgically remove the tattoo with one single operation. Flexibility in 122 45-47 The Pantiles / Tunbridge Wells / TN2 5TE / 01892 257357 Bellavou bellavou bellavou