insideKENT Magazine insideKENT Issue 68 Nov 2017 - Page 104

FOOD+DRINK A Make-ahead CHRISTMAS cont. Sprout and Chestnut Gratin from Pyrex 104 This dish is great for making in advance – even as early as November. Just make the recipe, cool, put on the lid with valve closed and refrigerate or freeze un [\]Z\Y YYޙ[[[ZX][HZXܛ]H][B[܈ MZ[]\܈[[\[ [ܙYY[ΈY]( ][[YY[][[( Y]\( YZ[\( L[Z[¸( ]H[B( YX]\HY\Y\Kܘ]Y KH][[[]\܈ HZ[]\[[[\Z[ZX]Hݙ[ NL0\X\ K\\΍N\]Z\Y[\^ Z[LH\8( YX]\HY\Y\Kܘ]Y( HX[XH[YX[XYXYB[ܝ[X¸( LY HY[Y\]YYB[΂]H]\\[Z[[HX[]X\[[ݙ\BYY][HX] \[[H[YH[[X[Y YH[H[X] \[܈ HZ[]K[[ݙHHHX][\[HY\B[[Y[Y ˈZ^]H][XH[H\^ Z[LH\ Z^H[[ܙYY[]\[[Hݙ\H]˂K[HZX]Yݙ[܈ LZ[]\ ]]HY H[[[ۋ