insideKENT Magazine insideKENT Issue 68 Nov 2017 - Page 103

Mulled Wine from SPAR Here’s a quick and easy recipe for mulled wine, which you can make a few days before Christmas and chill until ready to heat again on 25th December. This is sure to go down a treat with friends and family. For the full effect, serve with a cinnamon stick in each glass. Serves: 6 people Ingredients: • Bottle SPAR Red Wine • 50ml brandy • 2 tbsp sugar • 2 clementines or small oranges • Cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg • Cinnamon sticks to serve Method: Pour a bottle of SPAR award-winning red wine into a large pan with 50ml brandy, 100ml water and 2 tbsp sugar. Stir in 10 cloves, 1⁄2 tsp freshly grated nutmeg and 1 tsp cinnamon. Heat gently until the sugar has dissolved – do not boil. Add in 2 thinly sliced clementines or small oranges and serve in glasses with a cinnamon stick (optional). Figgy Pudding from Belvoir ‘Stir up Sunday’ falls on the last Sunday of November, this is traditionally when cooks prepare their fruit cakes and puddings for Christmas. This take on Christmas pudding is lighter than some recipes; it’s filled with vine fruits and dried figs soaked in spiced winter berry cordial until they are all plump and juicy. Delicious served with ginger custard. This recipe makes two puddings so you can serve one and gift another! Serves: 6-8 per pudding Equipment: 2 x 800ml pudding basins Ingredients: • 350g ready to eat dried figs • 300g mixed vine fruits • 150ml Belvoir Spiced Winter Berries Cordial • 1 large eating apple • 1 1/2 tsp mixed spice • 3 tbsp brandy or rum • 125g soft butter • 125g dark brown sugar • 75g fresh white breadcrumbs • 100g self-raising flour • 2 large eggs Method: 1. Use scissors to snip the figs into small pieces and place in a large bowl. Add the mixed vine fruits and cordial and mix well. Core the apple then coarsely grate, stir into the fruits with the mixed spice and brandy if using. Leave to soak for 20 minutes. 2. Meanwhile, use a little of the butter to grease the base and sides of the pudding basin. Cut a circle of baking parchment to fit the bottom. Fill and boil the kettle. Set the oven to 180°C/Fan 160°C/Gas mark 4. Have a sheet of foil and a piece of baking parchment to hand and fold a crease in the centre. 3. In a large mixing bowl, beat the butter and sugar together until fluffy. Add the eggs and flour and beat well. Now add the breadcrumbs and soaked fruits and give everything a good mix. Get as many helpers to stir too as this brings good luck! 4. Lay the baking paper and foil over the pudding with the crease in the middle. Roll up the edges to seal it tightly. Stand the puddings in a deep roasting tray and pour boiling water from the kettle to come halfway up the side of the pudding basins. Bake in the oven for 1 hour 15 minutes, topping up the water as required. 5. Cool completely, then remove the foil and paper and cover with clear film. Store in a cool place. To reheat on Christmas day, steam the pudding in a steamer for a further 40 minutes. Invert it onto a plate and top with clean holly, serve with ginger custard or brandy butter. For ginger custard: Heat 400ml milk in a pan. In a large jug mix 3 tbsp custard powder with 60ml ginger cordial until it forms a paste. Pour the hot milk onto the ginger paste, then return the mix to the rinsed out pan. Bring to the boil, stirring until the custard boils and thickens. Serve hot. 103