Inns Magazine Issue 4 Vol. 20 Weddings 2016 - Page 8

I love weddings – in case you don’t know I also own a B&B that offers small intimate weddings. I host up to 10 or so a year of small intimate gatherings and each one is very special in its own way. Being a very sentimental person I ensure each couple that everything will go smoothly and in the case of something unforeseen happening, I remind the couples that they are here because they love each other and that they are getting married no matter what. Even if the food didn’t cook or it rains or even if the power goes out – we are doing this! It’s kind of similar to the Army’s pact, “Leave no man behind.” Ours is, “Leave no couple unmarried.” Sadly we do get cancellations and changes of the heart, that is understandable and a detriment of being in this business. Many innkeepers ask me how I do it because weddings are challenging. I reply that small intimate weddings are my specialty and that I do it because my house/B&B is filled with love and happiness each and every wedding. My walls and floors house happiness for the entire day and night. Dancing, laughing where friends and family gather together to stand witness to this amazing event as two lives come together. I LOVE IT! I can't imagine a profession more rewarding than this one. For me it has an ability to have such a positive impact on another's life. With all the challenges that our industry faces, at the end of the day each of us give those we’ve come in contact with, a unique and special experience that will always be with them. It’s a chance to forge relationships and friendships for a lifetime.

Plus I can’t deny the next morning’s send off is with a big heartfelt hug and sometimes a teary goodbye the next morning, it’s like saying goodbye to a friend that you likely won’t see again.

Have a great FALL!

editor's note

Mary Hughes, Editor-in-Chief

Let's Get Married.