Inns Magazine Issue 4 Vol. 19 Weddings 2015 - Page 9

hen you hear the word ‘wedding’ some might

cringe due to a bad experience of some sort and others might get that twinkle in their eye of bestowed love and a joyous time.

Either way, weddings are a time of stress and a time of bliss. My BFF Lois calls love ‘madness’ and I think that is a great word to use for weddings as well. Once the engagement is announced the circus begins……

Many of us have been there, and what happens is everyone starts to add his or her five cents and what seemingly was a simple affair it turns into a production. And the production grows and snowballs sometimes out of control. I own a bed and breakfast wedding venue that we built last year. It can accommodate up to 60 people for a wedding ceremony and reception. I have couples come for tours and we discuss their needs. Many do want that small, uncomplicated affair with only close friends and family. That is where inns and bed and breakfasts make a perfect pairing, it’s like a match made in heaven. Think of the advantages, the location is lovely; there is a gorgeous house or inn to stay overnight in.

The gardens and lawns are perfectly manicured, as well as the entire place is already cleaned, furnished and decorated leaving the bridal couple with very little to do, except to enjoy themselves. A great wedding day includes very little stress and lots of great food and drink with the ones you love. We’ve written about some amazing places to say ‘I Do’ this issue. Wishing you happy every after!

editor's note

Mary Hughes, Editor-in-Chief


Ahhhh Wedded Bliss