Inns Magazine Issue 4 Vol. 19 Weddings 2015 - Page 32

Brides and grooms search high and low for the perfect venue that will serve as the special backdrop for memories they will cherish for many years to come.

If you think that your small property couldn’t possible be chosen as a wedding venue, think again.

Destination weddings have become very popular over the years, with couples choosing to tie the knot in small, intimate venues.

And for that intimate setting, couples are increasingly looking to boutique bed and breakfasts, inns, lodges and guesthouses.

Holding weddings at your inn will boost revenue, increase occupancy and have all your rooms booked out for longer periods of time.

Here are some simple things you can prepare and put in place at your inn to attract the wedding guests.

Innkeeper by day, wedding planner by night

Brides and grooms are already stressed out about their big day, so the easier you make it for them the better!

If you provide additional wedding services that take the hassle out of wedding planning, couples will be more inclined to hold their wedding at your small property.

This is also a great way to involve other local businesses. Create a hit list for your wedding guests of all the services they may require by partnering with local suppliers. But remember - everyone is on a certain budget, so provide a few options to cater to all budgets.

Your list should include the following services:




Musicians of types that are available



Wedding cake suppliers

Wedding planners

Decoration suppliers


No one knows your local area better than you! Having all this information prepared for wedding guests would make it very easy for them to plan their wedding at your small property.

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How to turn your inn into a destination