Inns Magazine Issue 3 Vol. 20 Great Escapes Fall 2016 - Page 8

It’s great when I get the opportunity to travel to visit innkeepers. Yes I love visiting and seeing what’s cooking in the kitchen, to taste how great the coffee really is?

Get some decorating tips and innkeeping secrets from behind the scene, yes I absorb it all up and come home with a big ball of information and ideas. My husband cringes…. because that means he usually has to repaint and redecorate. I think that is one of the draws and charms of the B&B industry is the décor, linens, amenities, the entire package and experience.

This time when visiting the White Doe Inn in Manteo, NC this summer I went to a great store called Tuesday Mornings. For all you bargain hunters south of the border (USA) you will know this is a great hit and miss store. It is famous for selloffs and one-offs and offers some super terrific prices. My husband the poor guy was subjected to two hours of my slow moving cart as I was looking over everything. This trip we drove as I normally fly into the USA to do stories and attend B&B conferences so my suitcase space is VERY limited. So having a car this time…. woweee I was in heaven. This time for once I wasn’t shopping for our own small B&B I thought we need something for us. So many innkeepers of all sizes compromise their own living spaces and I bet 95% of those reading this will agree- you work hard at making everyone’s rooms and visits memorable but come up short a lot of the time for your own living space.

So through the isles I maneuvered my cart and the pile was getting higher and higher and then I heard ‘NO!” No? NO what? “NO more room in the car. Oh, I said are you sure? Mary we have to be able to see out of the back window.” So I put back the bench style ottoman I was going to try and fit in the back seat…. that was disappointing. Sometimes I really dislike practical! I managed to buy an entire bedroom ensemble for us, with coordinating carpets and towels for the ensuite, making our space into a B&B quality room fit for well deserving innkeepers!

YES it was all so easy – and for a bargain price of $250- who doesn’t love a deal!

editor's note

Mary Hughes, Editor-in-Chief

Making over my space...