Inns Magazine Issue 3 Vol. 18 Fall Escapes 2014 - Page 34


I am a gadget girl at heart. Combined with my deal seeking side, I have come up with some items for this issue that I believe are neat, well priced, and worth the money. Any homeowner or innkeeper would love to use what makes life easier - we are all for that I am sure! I am always on the hunt for something unique and well priced and if you have any items you feel are a good fit for this column please email me at:

By Christine Boot

Inns Magazine loved this book because more and more people are going gluten-free and vegan. This book gives innkeepers great ideas and ways to accommodate those guests with creative, delicious recipes. But eating gluten-free does not have to mean eating taste-free. In her new cookbook, Cara Reed, features more than 100 amazing gluten-free and vegan recipes that use tasty substitutions such as almond milk, soy butter, coconut oil and nut-based cream to create rich and delicious desserts.

Inns Magazine loves this product as it can be used by homeowners and innkeepers. It is easy to use and has been tested at the Inns Magazine office. Weiser’s® Kevo™ Smart Lock turns your smartphone into a key. How it works: Using the Kevo mobile app, homeowners can send eKeys to family, friends or service people, anywhere, anytime. Once an eKey is sent, recipients can simply download the mobile app, if they don’t already have it installed, keep their iPhone in their purse or pocket and unlock the door with a simple touch. Sells for $249.99 see the video here:

Inns Magazine loves SALLY'S BAKING ADDICTION: Irresistible Cupcakes, Cookies, and Desserts for Your Sweet Tooth Fix as it gives a whole new twist on baking and is perfect for Inns everywhere. This raises the bar and gives readers secrets on what makes something decadent and yummy! Sally McKenney’s famous Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Cookies won Nestle’s Dark Chocolate contest in 2013, and now, in her first cookbook, Sally shares her baking secrets with fans everywhere.


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