Inns Magazine Issue 3 Vol. 18 Fall Escapes 2014 - Page 32

ariah Morris always had an eye for beauty, so

she studied art at the University of Maine. With a

dream to travel and the help of her parents, she

left her degree in art and equipped herself with a rather large RV, her computer, art supplies, and headed down the eastern seaboard. Along the way she spent time exploring beautiful homes, inns and oceanfronts along the way. It was during a trip to California that Mariah realized that these inns, with beautiful architectural detail and perfectly trimmed hedges should be shared. Now, remember that during the late 1990’s “internet” was only beginning to be developed, and Google was only a word spoken by techies. If you were planning a trip, then an atlas and a travel agency were your best hope in ending up in the accommodations you were looking for. Mariah realized that the pictures she had captured, and the people she met, would benefit from this whole new concept of the World Wide Web. With this thought in mind she turned her RV around and headed back the way she came. She backtracked, stopping in each place she could remember, and talked with innkeepers about their properties, their lives, and work. One by one they gave her the confidence and the realization of a dream; she had always wanted to create something with beauty and inn’s fit nicely.

Hence, the development of began. Mariah spent the past year revamping a new website for member’s information and is proud to announce that it is in its finishing stages. She wants all her members - past, current, and future - to know that it is a site dedicated to those whom she met along the way and to the many members that have trusted with showing the world the beauty that an innkeeper’s dedication reflects.

The site launched with a strong marketing team to reach out to many that have not experienced the luxury of an Inn, or to those who want their special day to be in a place to remember and to those who have not lost sight of romance.

If you are looking for that perfect place,

or that perfect advertising opportunity

for your inn, please visit or call 844-295-5337

Making a business dream come true

Mariah Morris, founder


Inns E-Magazine / Fall 2014