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By the

mma Lapsansky has fallen in love a few times in her

life, but her long time love has been the Jersey shore. She started summering at the northern tip of

New Jersey's Long Beach Island in 1976. In 2006 she bought a very unique building that was built as a warehouse for wholesaling fish. The warehouse was appealing as it had wide-open spaces that could be transformed to an appealing bed and breakfast with modern bathrooms with windows. Each guest unit could be arranged for sound-proofing and privacy; no two units have adjoining walls. One room offers handicapped accessibility with wide halls and a five-feet turn around for a wheel chair, and the Emperor Penguin Suite is a private, family friendly accommodation. The location is amazing - only two blocks from one of New Jersey’s most beloved lighthouse - and several of the units have a spectacular view of Barnegat Bay.

A writer, and a retired college professor, another great love of Emma's is art. By displaying original works of art throughout the B&B, she has created a very pretty space. You’ll notice an extensive collection of books for guests to enjoy in Minerva’s library, and there is a big puzzle in the lobby where guests add a piece or two as they pass by.

Emma is also the chef du jour and the laundress, as she loves being hands-on. She and her staff of three pride themselves on their meticulous housekeeping.

Emma loves her open-concept kitchen, located within the dining room, where she chats with guests while making their breakfast. Breakfast is based on what Emma calls “healthy food, attractively served, with menus designed to be responsive to guests dietary needs.” There are always fresh fruits, yogurt, artisanal cheeses, with a main course that can range from a cheese soufflé to homemade waffles. Emma’s motto: “every calorie should carry with it something of value.”

This Fall Minerva’s is offering some unique weekend workshops that range from gourmet cooking to planning the next 10 years of your life. More information can be found on the website.

This is a charming destination, managed by a hands-on innkeeper who takes delight in giving guests a wonderful stay!

Minerva's by the Sea

13 W 7th St, Barnegat Light,

New Jersey


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By Mary Hughes