Inns Magazine Issue 2 Vol 22 Gourmet 2018 - Page 7

have been writing about bed and breakfasts for over 20 years. I started in 1996, so it

officially makes it 22 years. Yikes — that’s a

long time! I stayed at my first bed and

breakfast in 1993 and absolutely fell in love with the whole business. I’ve been mindfully

looking for the perfect property for years.

This past January I was surfing the internet looking at B&Bs for sale and saw one I had written about 18 years ago, and within three

to Open

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Mary Hughes, Editor-in-Chief

editor's note



weeks I visited it, took my lawyer to see it, and then I signed my life away as they say. I got ownership this month (April) and it seems surreal, as my friends with paint brushes in hand hit the ground running — t­­hen unpacking and more painting! It’s been fun so far — even my 14 year old Scottie dog decided to go deep sea diving in the backyard pond and swam across it thinking she’d accomplished a marathon swim!

Transforming each room by simply painting a new color and adding my own furnishings and Wayfair's gives me great pleasure seeing it come together. My friends and husband have been so supportive — even one of my former magazine staff came the first weekend with her parents and all her children to help! It was like a barn raising! A neighbor that shares the backyard fence came with marmalade and a lovely note welcoming us to Bayfield, Ontario. So glad I have arrived!

First weekend of ownership a painting party and sleepover of 12!