Inns Magazine Issue 2 Vol 22 Gourmet 2018 - Page 27

The sweet breads such as the orange bread is made with rich orange blossom flavor and is a favorite amongst the guests. There are other sweet breads such as; Sweet Basil bread, Oregon Hazelnut Praline, Triple Gingerbread, and there are plenty more where they came from.

Guests ask for the recipes so publishing a cookbook was a natural progression. There are individual recipes and a story behind each one. Some seven course meals offer seafood, meat,

and sweet dessert breads, the selections are endless. The Chefs are always changing up the menu and offering new and delightful breakfast items. The reputation of the Heceta Lighthouse Cookbook and the seven course meals has gained quite a following including staying at the bed and breakfast, in fact it is so popular there is a waiting list for overnight stays. The next best thing is to buy the Heceta Lighthouse Cookbook to try and made the recipes at home. The cookbook includes dozens of stories about the lighthouse and inn. The lobster crepe and cheese dish with butter sauce for the lobster is a must have. A little bit of west coast taste even if you can’t make the trip. Sounds like a great compromise, until you can make it in person!

"Guests are amazed at how much there is, all the pastries, cakes and breads, are made in house. The Chefs are always creating new food ideas for the meals."