Inns Magazine Issue 2 Vol 22 Gourmet 2018 - Page 15

Richard Mull from Night Court complimented her when having dinner at the Mesa residence saying "This is the most beautiful table setting I have ever seen."

So I took the leap bought the property and a 2nd hand tractor and started the building the business.

Winner of 2017 Readers Choice Awards

Building Suite Miss Scarlett was an exciting labor of love. I discovered farm artifacts in the property’s outbuildings that would compliment a few of the precious pieces I brought along with me from LA. Farmer John supplied me with additional timbers to support the second story subfloor and a divider wall between the kitchen and living room. During the build, he nicknamed me Scarlett because the all-male building crew had to deal with a determined woman. Considering the 100 acres and my connection with the film industry, I had reminded him of Scarlet O’Hara from Gone with the Wind, and that is how the name of my new venture, Suite Miss Scarlett, began.

The suite and its luxe amenities were designed with romance in mind for couples and I have had several bride & grooms stay in the suite but I have expanded to accommodate families and ladies for a girl’s night out. I also opened up B&B rooms in my personal home space because people staying in the suite were requesting extra rooms.

I love to cook, and returning guests celebrating special occasions will find cookies, pies and other goodies in their kitchen when they arrive. I love to see people enjoy my property, and have additional perks for them in the form of two bicycles in the barn, a barbecue, outdoor fire-pit, 2 pairs of snowshoes and a three-season porch surrounded by gardens.

Can’t wait to hop on King Kioti (my tractor this spring to design more secret gardens, pathways to the mini lake, and get started on the natural pool I have planned, and all this in between my guests’ stays! Simple details do make a difference and I have created a perfect place to unwind, let your hair down, let go of stress, and find bliss.

Perth, Ontario, Canada

(613) 276-7438