Inns Magazine Issue 1 Vol. 18 Spring Romance 2014 - Page 33

Ideas include:

1. Spa treatments, either onsite or with a local spa (one qualified to provide pre-natal services). His and her massages are very popular features.

2. Indulgent treats, such as chocolate dipped strawberries, ice cream, or homemade cookies.

3. Romantic meal for two, either served in-room or provided via a gift certificate to a local restaurant.

4. Late checkout.

5. Thoughtful or amusing pregnancy-related item – some B&Bs offer a ‘cravings menu’ or a jar of pickles!

6. Gift for baby, from a cuddly toy to a onesie, branded with your inn’s name or logo.

Marketing Your Babymoon Break

Creating a specific babymoon package, rather than trying to appeal to potential babymooners with an existing romance package, is worth the extra effort.

1. Parents-to-be tend to use the term ‘babymoon’ when searching online for their pre-baby getaway. If this word is included on your website, then you will have a greater chance of attracting visitors who may not have found you otherwise.

2. Dads-to-be tend to book surprise babymoon packages for their pregnant partners. Many innkeepers report that dads-to-be appreciate the fact that everything has already been thought of and brought together for them in one pregnancy-related package.

3. Parents-to-be often have specific needs and requirements that traditional romance packages may not offer.

It’s also worth spending the time creating a ‘catchy’ name for your babymoon break, making it both memorable and more likely to grab attention.

There are various ways to promote your babymoon package. Here are some ideas to generate interest in your offering…

1. Ensure your package is advertised on your website. Create a page – optimized with babymoon-related keywords – specifically for the package. Provide a link to this page from your home page.

2. Issue a press release announcing your offering.

3. Have flyers printed up giving details of your babymoon break and leave them in your reception area. Your guests may pass them on to expectant friends and family members.

4. Find out about local Baby Fairs and use them as opportunities to promote your business. You might consider offering a babymoon package as a prize, for example.

5. List your establishment with a babymoon-specific online directory. This will ensure your offering is seen by a highly targeted audience.

6. Ask at local obstetricians’ offices if you could include your babymoon brochure in the mom-to-be gift pack usually provided at the first doctor’s visit to expectant women.

7. Contact local pregnancy service providers such as pregnancy spas and pre-natal yoga studios, and discuss cross-promotional opportunities.

Babymooners make wonderful guests and love to share their great experiences with other expectant couples, bring your inn to a whole new audience.

Inns E-Magazine / Spring 2014