Inns Magazine Issue 1 Vol. 18 Spring Romance 2014 - Page 18

fter a long winter by the fireplace, let’s offer Spring a warm welcome! As we take stock of our lives as we grow older, we find ourselves giving ever greater thanks for our companions. So let’s take them on a culinary adventure and celebrate Spring with a rich, sumptuous and completely elegant feast! A celebration can be many things, a formal gathering, a crowd of casual acquaintances or a few close friends meeting for food and conversation. For those of us who can’t wait out the end of winter in the Caribbean, we can make the best of it by pausing to have a delightfully decadent food interlude!

Whether you are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, Passover, Easter or simply the joy of longer days, seasonal celebrations make springtime ideal for getting together to enjoy a wonderful meal. The mark of a good cook is the ability to use foods that are plentiful and in season, and turn them into a superlative meal – offer them something to warm the heart as well as the tummy! From the earliest times, men have met to share their simple bread and drink. Fellowship and companionship represent man’s finer feelings toward mankind and the opening of your home to friends and the trouble taken to please them is a practical expression of “love they neighbor.”

Most important to a special get together is memorable food – something out of the ordinary. While not necessarily expensive or elaborate, dishes should be prepared with care and served with a flourish. While the focus is awesome food, no amount of elaborate preparation can take the place of your genuine pleasure in their company. Let these annual parties become an institution in your life, providing wonderful memories for all, for years to come.


Decadent Spring

By: Chef Ro Cober Cober Cober

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