Innovation Winter 2018 Winter 2018 Innovation - Page 6

INNOVATED AGAIN. MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE. REDUCE DOWNTIME. Pointed chisels TE SPX SM Hilti has innovated the pointed chisels again making the new TE SPX pointed chisels your best partner for breaking concrete daily. More breaking power, higher bending strength, and better dust control. The TE SPX pointed self-sharpening polygon chisel provides the highest reliability and a longer lifetime. The innovative X-polygon wave design and tube effect maximizes your Hilti demolition hammer performance, reduces your downtime due to sticking or jammed chisels and provides optimized dust removal. With the TE SPX pointed chisels there is no more re-sharpening, jamming or sticking like conventional chisels. APPLICATIONS AND ADVANTAGES • Constant high performance over the entire life of the self-sharpening polygon chisel — no resharpening, reforging or rehardening necessary • Reduced sticking thanks to the unique wave design and new X-polygon tube effect for optimized dust removal — less downtime due to stuck chisels • New X-polygon cross section for maximized strength and rigidity as well as maximum productivity and reduced risk of chisel breakage • Extra-high breaking performance with wider crack formation thanks to wider X-polygon flanks for more efficient breaking • High-alloy steel and unique induction hardening for highest reliability • The dust cap helps keep dust out of the chuck for reduced wear and longer system lifetime Technical data Connection end TE-S Type Pointed Description TE-SPX SM 36 Pointed chisel 2168870 TE-SPX SM 43 Pointed chisel 2168871 TE-SPX SM 50 Pointed chisel 2168872 TE-SPX SM 70 Pointed chisel 2168873 Use with TE 1000 & TE 2000 we want to hear from you Item number