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WHAT IS TOOL FLEET MANAGEMENT? TOOL FLEET MANAGEMENT Control your tools and your costs We understand that managing an entire tool portfolio is a massive undertaking. With Tool Fleet Management, you can eliminate many of the headaches and up-front expenses associated with tooling up. We’ll provide the tracking, coverage, and upgrades that keep your tools — and your team — running at peak performance. With Tool Fleet Management, you get our newest tools at a fixed monthly rate for a pre-defined period. That means you can focus on your project while we focus on managing your tools. Learn more about how Tool Fleet Management works EXPLORE FLEET MANAGEMENT From complete transparency and total reliability to reduced overall spending on tools — there is a long list of benefits that come with your Tool Fleet Management plan. See all the benefits of Tool Fleet Management Hear what our Fleet customers are saying ADD TOOLS ON DEMAND Need a tool for a special job or just for a shorter period of time? Put our high- performing tools to work when and where you need them. Discover Tools on Demand DON’T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT For years, Tool Fleet Management has been increasing productivity for real people in real situations. Hear what our Hilti customers have to say about our Tool Fleet Management 722/)/((7 0$1$*(0(17 we want to hear from you