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A NEW BENCHMARK FOR MASONRY ANCHORING Injectable mortar HIT-HY 270 Hilti sets a new benchmark for masonry anchoring, HIT-HY 270 incorporates SafeSet technology for CMU and clay bricks with holes to reliably and safely set anchors while providing an OSHA 1926.1153 Table 1 compliant solution for drilling. HIT-HY 270 includes new base materials and applications to our approvals, as well as improved spacing and edge distances. Simplify masonry anchoring on your next project with Hilti HIT-HY 270. APPLICATIONS AND ADVANTAGES • Provides strong, reliable and easily installed fastenings in a variety of masonry base materials • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications as well as use in dry and wet hole conditions • Performs reliably, even when the size and location of bricks and voids are unknown Description Item number Injectable mortar HIT-HY 270 330/1 2194247 HIT-HY 270 11.1OZ/330ML (1 MC, 25 pcs) 3580725 Injectable mortar HIT-HY 270 500/1 MC (20 pcs) 2194248 Accessories Description Item number HDE 500-A22 Starter package 3540270 HDM 500 Manual dispenser w/ HIT-CB 500 3498241 Mixer HIT-RE-M 337111 HIT-SC 12X50 Composite sleeve 375979 HIT-SC 12X85 Composite sleeve 375980 HIT-SC 16X50 Composite sleeve 375981 HIT-SC 16X85 Composite sleeve 375982 HIT-SC 18X50 Composite sleeve 360485 HIT-SC 18X85 Composite sleeve 360486 HIT-SC 22X50 Composite sleeve 273662 HIT-SC 22X85 Composite sleeve 284511 HIT-SC 26X125 Composite sleeve 360487 HIT-SC 26X200 Composite sleeve 360488