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HOLDS STRONG, EVEN IF THE EARTH MOVES Serrated cast-in anchor channel system HAC-T Engineered especially for use in seismic relevant conditions and applications that require reliable load transfer in longitudinal axis of the channel, the new addition to the HAC anchor channel family, the HAC-T, keeps everything in place even if the earth moves. The HAC-T is a system comprised of a v-shaped channel with serrated lips and matching T-bolts which form a strong mechanical interlock. Because of this positive connection, the load transfer doesn’t need to rely on a high installation torque which provides increased safety and productivity, as well as a higher installation comfort onsite. Combining features with an ICC-ES report ESR-3520, the HAC-T anchor channel system provides the best value for money for cracked concrete and seismic conditions in accordance with AC232. APPLICATIONS AND ADVANTAGES Description Item number Anchor channel HAC-T50 106/300 F 2152093 Applications • Fastening curtain wall brackets in seismic relevant conditions • Installation of guide rails and doors in elevator shafts • Fastening supports for pipes or cable trays at walls or ceilings • Securing machines and other equipment to floors or walls Anchor channel HAC-T50 106/350 F 2152094 Anchor channel HAC-T50 106/450 F 2152095 Advantages • Reliable mechanical interlock between serrated channel lips and channel bolt for high load resistance in longitudinal axis of channel • Small installation torque enables easier and faster installation onsite • Free PROFIS anchor channel software allows easy desi gn in all three load directions per the latest strength design provisions • Only one channel bolt type required for both channel sizes HAC-T50 and HAC-T70 • Approved solution with ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-3520 in accordance with AC232 for cracked concrete and seismic conditions Anchor channel HAC-T50 106/800 F 2152097 Anchor channel HAC-T70 175/300 F 2152098 Anchor channel HAC-T70 175/350 F 2152099 Anchor channel HAC-T70 175/450 F 2152100 Anchor channel HAC-T70 175/800 F 2152102 Anchor channel HAC-T50 356/300F CRFoS U 2189730 Anchor channel HAC-T50 356/350F CRFoS U 2189731 Anchor channel HAC-T50 356/450F CRFoS U 2189732 Anchor channel HAC-T70 420/300F CRFoS U 2189733 Anchor channel HAC-T70 420/350F CRFoS U 2189734 Anchor channel HAC-T70 420/450F CRFoS U 2189735 Rebar channel HAC-T50 106/300 F EDGE 2200884 Rebar channel HAC-T50 106/450 F EDGE 2200886 Rebar channel HAC-T50 106/300 F EDGE C 2201071 Rebar channel HAC-T50 106/450 F EDGE C 2201072 T-head bolt HBC-T M12x60 8.8F 2152673 T-head bolt HBC-T M12x80 8.8F 2152674 T-head bolt HBC-T M16x60 8.8F 2152675 T-head bolt HBC-T M16x80 8.8F 2152676 T-head bolt HBC-T M20x80 8.8F 2152679 For technical data and additional sizes please visit or contact Hilti