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GAIN AN EDGE Rebar channel system HAC-EDGE As the name already reveals, the HAC-EDGE is a new addition to the HAC cast-in anchor channel portfolio which has been designed to fulfill the desire of positioning the fastening points for top-of-slab curtain wall and handrail applications as close to the concrete edge or corner as possible. The new HAC-EDGE enables the transfer of high shear loads towards the free concrete edge by confining the edge. Delivered with the right pre-configured edge distance and with nail holes in the confinement edge plate the installation into formwork becomes easy and fast. Engineers will appreciate the easy design with the PROFIS software with a state-of-art design model that is based on ESR-3520, and principles of AC232 and ACI 318. APPLICATIONS AND ADVANTAGES Applications • Fastening curtain wall brackets in top- of-slab applications with high loads in intermediate and corner conditions • Fastening of balustrade base plates on top of thin concrete members Advantages • Higher perpendicular shear resistance at small edge distances and thin concrete slabs via confinement of the concrete edge • Superior concrete breakout in perpendicular shear performance in lightweight concrete • Comes with the right edge distance for quicker installation • Available with serrated channel for seismic relevant applications and 3D loads • Easy design with PROFIS software with state-of-art design model based on ESR-3520, and principles of AC232 and ACI 318 • Confinement edge plate is not structurally attached to the anchor channel, thus allowing for the shear and tension loads to be fully decoupled we want to hear from you Technical data Material, corrosion Steel, Sherardized / Hot-Dip Galvanized Base materials Concrete (cracked), Concrete (uncracked) For additional technical information and available sizes visit