Innovation Winter 2018 Winter 2018 Innovation - Page 25

SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR APPLICATIONS WHERE CONCRETE MEETS GLASS Screw anchor KH-EZ P The only anchor in the world designed specifically for the glazing industry, the Hilti Screw anchor KH-EZ P is an ideal choice for window walls, store fronts, glass shoes and many other applications where concrete and glass come together. Featuring a small pan head to allow more installation flexibility around the sides and top of the anchor, a reduced profile to make it easy to cover with waterproof sealant and strong threads to penetrate fast and hold strong, the KH-EZ P carries ICC-ES approval for cracked concrete and seismic loading — making it the perfect anchor choice for every glazing application. APPLICATIONS AND ADVANTAGES • • • • Window walls Store fronts Glass shoes Easy covering with waterproofing sealant • Fastening through access holes • Torx bit delivered with every box of anchors Technical data Approval ICC-ES cracked concrete, ICC-ES seismic Description Item number KH-EZ P 1/4"x1-7/8" 2169856 KH-EZ P 1/4"x2-5/8" 2169857 Accessories Description Item number Bit holder S-BH M 50/2" 2038758 Cordless impact driver SID 4-A22 2141090 Seismic