Innovation Winter 2018 Winter 2018 Innovation - Page 21

FAST INSTALLATION, FLUSH FIT AND A FIRM GRIP FOR A WIDE RANGE OF MATERIALS AND SIZES Drywall Anchor HTB-2 When designing this drywall anchor we focused on every detail to deliver a faster installation. The rounded edges for easy fit through the wall, the metal teeth to prevent spinning inside the wall, and the snap-neck design all compliment a quick and easy installation every time. These improvements in design make the HTB-2 the drywall fastening solution that is ideal for a variety of hollow wall materials in a wide range of thicknesses. APPLICATIONS AND ADVANTAGES Advantages • The thinner collar provides a flush finish • Large range of fastening thickness from 1/2” to 3” • Rounded edges make it easy to install through the wall • Metal teeth increase grip preventing rotation while installing the screw • Spring mechanism forces the channel into the vertical position once installed through the wall Applications • Partition walls, light duty hand rails, lighting fixtures, cabinets and shelving, and TV mounts Technical data Base materials Drywall, Concrete (Hollow deck), Masonry (Hollow) Environment conditions Indoor, Dry Conditions Head configuration Inner thread Product class Economical Description Item number HTB-2 3/16 2158767 HTB-2-S 3/16 PH 2158768 HTB-2-S 3/16 SRH 2158769 HTB-2 1/4 2158770 HTB-2-S 1/4 PH 2158771 HTB-2-S 1/4 SRH 2158772 HTB-2 3/8 2158773 HTB-2-S 3/8 SRH 2158774 HTB-2 1/2 2158775 HTB-2-S 1/2 SRH 2158776 Accessories Description TE 4-A22 Item number 3462776 TE 2-A22 3490214 SF 2H-A 3536723