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THE NEXT GENERATION IN DECK FASTENING Powder-actuated tool DX 9 Designed with our customers in mind, the DX 9 is engineered for the most demanding metal deck installations. Featuring an ergonomic handle, a digital service indicator and Bluetooth connectivity, the new DX 9 brings the next generation to deck fastening. The Service Indicator displays the tool’s operating temperature range, helping you to work at the optimal pace plus provides real-time feedback on recommended cleaning and service maximizing productivity on the job. Bluetooth connectivity capabilities allow you to sync to the Hilti Connect app where you can access how-to videos, tool usage data, and a simple way to request Hilti service. APPLICATIONS AND ADVANTAGES Applications • Fastening metal decking to bar joists with a thickness of 1/8” to 3/8” with X-HSN sheet metal nail (DX 9-HSN) • Fastening metal roof and floor decking to structural steel greater than 1/4” with X-ENP 19 MXR sheet metal nail (DX 9-ENP) Advantages • High fastening rate • Ergonomically designed handle and upright fastening position • Reliable fastenings for roof and floor deck Technical data Weight HSN/ENP 28 lb Dimensions 39 x 18 x 7 inches Cartridges HSN: .27 M40 6.8/11, ENP: .27 M40 6.8/18 Fasteners DX 9 HSN: HSN 24, DX 9 ENP: ENP 19 Base material thickness DX 9 HSN: 1/8" to 3/8", DX 9 ENP: >= 1/4" Description Item number DX 9-HSN 2144190 DX 9-ENP 2144191 DX 9 HSN starter kit (30K) 3577824 DX 9 HSN volume kit (90K) 3577682 DX 9 ENP starter kit red (30K) 3577825 DX 9 ENP volume kit red (90K) 3577823 DX 9 ENP starter kit blue (30K) 3579409 DX 9 ENP volume kit blue (90K) 3579408 Accessories Description Item number Sheet metal nail X-HSN 24 2042971 Sheet metal nail X-ENP-19 L15MXR 283508 DX cartridge 6.8/11M40 red 2128214 DX cartridge 6.8/11M40 red 2128211 DX cartridge 6.8/11M40 blue 2128212 DX cartridge 6.8/11M40 black 2128213 Piston X-9-HSN kit 2194236 Piston X-9-ENP kit 2194237 Nail magazine MX 9-HSN packed 2198105 Nail magazine MX 9-ENP packed 2198106 20 722/)/((7 0$1$*(0(17 1 1 YEAR YEAR DAY LIMITED WARRANTY WEAR AND TEAR COVERAGE REPAIR TURNAROUND Tool warranty. Some limitations apply. Contact Hilti for details.