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TWICE THE PRODUCTIVITY, ONE TOOL Universal cutter and crimping tool NUN 54-A22 The Hilti NUN 54-A22 universal cutting and crimping tool provides extreme flexibility for users who want to use one tool for multiple applications. This tool can be utilized with several different jaws to cut a variety of conductors (up to 1” in O.D.) and crimp copper (up to 600KCMIL) and aluminum conductor (up to 350 KCMIL). When utilized with the ACSR Jaw, it can cut steel reinforced conductor and guy wire commonly found in power and utility applications. The Hilti NUN 54-A22 universal cutting and crimping tool is backed by the industry leading 20-2-1 warranty. APPLICATIONS AND ADVANTAGES • Automatic jaw retraction — returns to open position once cycle is completed • ACSR jaw compatibility — interchangeable jaws include cutting ACSR up to 447 Kcmil • CU/AL jaw compatibility — interchangeable jaws include cutting ACSR conductors and guy wire: - Crimping copper conductors up to 600 MCM - Crimping aluminum conductors up to 350 MCM - Cutting copper conductors up to 600 MCM - Cutting aluminum conductors up to 750 MCM • Compact inline design — light weight and well balanced • Larger operating button — one handed quick operation with Class 2 and 4 gloves • Rotating head — 350 degree rotation to allow for access in many applications • LED light — positioned to illuminate work surface • Operation — easy single button operation with Class 2 or 4 gloves • Accepts dies for most common connection sizes — accepts W dies we want to hear from you • Application Versatility — various cutting and crimping jaws have been designed to fit into the tool • 100% battery compatibility — accepts all Hilti 18v and 22v lithium-ion batteries Technical data Dimensions 17 inches Tool weight 5.7 lbs Crimping performance Copper lugs / splices 8awg – 600 kcmil Aluminum lugs / splices 8awg – 350 kcmil Crimping die style compatibility U,W, X, O, BG, D3 groove Cutting performance • Copper cable 600 kcmil* • Aluminum cable 750 kcmil* • ACSR (W/ ACSR jaw) 477 kcmil Hawk • Std. guy strand (W/ACSR jaw) 3/8” • EHS guy wire (W/ ACSRjaw) 9/32” max. 1‐1/4” / 33 mm O.D. Description Item number Cutting jaws NCT J CUAL BULK 2163395 Crimping jaws NCR J D3O BULK 2163392 Crimping jaws NCR J D3BG BULK 2163391 Crimping jaws NCR J D3 BULK 2163393 Crimping jaws NCR J SU BULK 2163394 Cutting jaws NCT J ACSR 2172833 NUN 54-A22 SU Adv 3581170 NUN 54-A22 SU +CU/AL blade Adv 3581171 NUN 54-A22 SU 3581172 NUN 54-A22 SU + CU/AL blade 3581773  722/)/((7 0$1$*(0(17 <($5 /,0,7(' :$55$17<  <($5 :($5$1'7($5 &29(5$*(  '$< 5(3$,5 7851$5281' Tool warranty. Some limitations apply. Contact Hilti for details.