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BRINGING SPX QUALITY TO THE CRACK-CHASER INDUSTRY Crack chaser blade SPX Hilti is proud to present the SPX crack chaser blade, a premium crack chasing blade precisely engineered to quickly repair cracks and/or imperfections on a wide range of concrete surfaces. Simply set the wheel on the concrete gap and let the diamonds do the work. Hilti’s SPX crack chaser blade is designed with a V-shaped segment and diamond-embedded wedges to provide the most effective diamond arrangement for re-caulking or re-filling concrete cracks. Like all SPX blades, this blade is designed to deliver the highest cutting performance and long life at a competitive price. APPLICATIONS AND ADVANTAGES Applications • Cutting into concrete cracks as a first step in the concrete crack repair process Advantages • Ultimate diamond crack chasing blade for angle grinders • Designed with special V-shaped SPX segments to achieve highest performance • Quickly cuts into concrete to open cracks and seal with polyurethane sealant Technical data Base material Concrete (all types) Segment width 3/8 in Segment length 0.79 in Segment height 0.4 in Tool type Angle grinders Description Item number 4.5” SPX Crack Chaser Blade 2164058 5” SPX Crack Chaser Blade 2164059