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DRIVING METAL CUTTING PRODUCTIVITY Metal cutting diamond blade SPX Hilti’s SPX metal cutting diamond blade improves jobsite productivity, while being exceptionally versatile. This blade reduces the need to change discs frequently, getting up to 100x the life of standard abrasive discs, and decreasing the number of blades your crew carries to get the job done. The diameter of the blade does not decrease over time, maintaining a consistent cutting depth through the lifetime of the blade. This innovative metal cutting blade is made of high-grade diamond grits, electroplated and exposed along the cutting edge to maintain its edge and cutting capability. The Hilti SPX metal cutting diamond blade is certainly a pro-level item that you can depend on. Cutting disc 14” SPX metal Cutting disc 5” SPX metal APPLICATIONS AND ADVANTAGES Applications • Optimized for demolition and steel cutting, including rebar, metal deck, steel and plastic pipe, rails, stud and angle iron • On occasion can be used to cut PVC, wood, concrete, brick and CMU • Rescue work when primarily cutting metal Advantages • Direct productivity increase at the jobsite with 100x fewer blade exchanges • Ultimate versatile blade — cuts metal, PVC, wood, concrete, stone, etc. • No disc breakage or splintering; less vibration and fewer sparks compared to abrasives • Maintains cutting depth through the lifetime of the blade • Shockproof and not affected by temperature changes or moisture • No expiration date we want to hear from you Technical data Tool type Angle grinders Gas saws Description Cutting disc 4.5"x7/8" SPX metal Item number 2200896 Cutting disc 5"x7/8" SPX metal 2200897 Cutting disc 12"x1" SPX metal 2200899 Cutting disc 14"x1" SPX metal 2200887 Cutting disc 16”x1” SPX metal 2200888 Cutting disc 12"x1” SP metal 227853 Cutting disc 14"x1” SP metal 227854