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ULTIMATE FRAMING BLADE Framing circular saw blade SPX The ultimate blades for corded and cordless circular saws have arrived. Introducing Hilti’s new SPX framing blades. These blades are designed for speed and durability with high-density carbide teeth, low-friction coating and reduced vibration. SPX framing blades are the ideal match for Hilti cordless circular saws, optimized to deliver up to 40% more cuts per battery charge. SCB SPX FR 7 1/4” T24 SCB SPX FR 6 1/2” T24 APPLICATIONS AND ADVANTAGES Applications • Rip and cross cuts • Bevel cuts • Lumber, construction timber, solid wood (hard and soft) • Wooden boards (plywood, formwork, OSB, chip) • Pressure treated wood Advantages • Ultimate framing blade with high- density carbide teeth for superior cutting performance and efficiency, with reduced vibration • Optimized for cordless circular saws, with up to 40% additional cuts per battery charge • Low-friction coating for increased performance and longer lifetime • Ideal for rip, cross and bevel cuts in all types of circular saws — corded and cordless Technical data Arbor 5/8 in with diamond knockout Max RPM 8300 Diameter 6-1/2 in, 7-1/4 in Number of teeth 24 Description Quantity Item number Circ. saw blade SPX FR 7 1/4" T24 5 pc 2191163 Circ. saw blade SPX FR 6 1/2" T24 5 pc 2191162