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TOUGHER THAN NAILS Ultimate wood metal reciprocating saw blade SRB WDX SRB WDX 6 TPI Hilti’s WDX blades have the ultimate strength and lifetime for the most demanding wood cutting applications on the jobsite. Metal-embedded wood has met its match. WDX blades make fast and straight cuts thanks to their aggressive tooth pattern and thick, tall profile. Available in 6 TPI for common wood and metal applications, and 10 TPI for applications with higher content of metal. SRB WDX 10 TPI APPLICATIONS AND ADVANTAGES Applications • Wood beam • Metal-embedded wood • Drywall demolition Advantages • Industry-leading bi-metal blades with extra thick body to last longer • Strong in metal, fast in wood Technical data Blade material Bi-metal Thickness 0.063 in Length(s) available 6 in, 9 in, and 12 in Tooth type Milled, side set Description we want to hear from you Quantity Item number Recip. Saw blade WDX 6in 6TPI 5 pc 2194398 Recip. Saw blade WDX 9in 6TPI 5 pc 2194399 Recip. Saw blade WDX 6in 6TPI 20 pc 2194393 Recip. Saw blade WDX 9in 6TPI 20 pc 2194394 Recip. Saw blade WDX 12in 6TPI 20 pc 2194395 Recip. Saw blade WDX 6in 10TPI 20 pc 2194396 Recip. Saw blade WDX 9in 10TPI 20 pc 2194397