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FASTEST RECIPROCATING SAW IN ITS CLASS Cordless reciprocating saw SR 6-A22 Every day, across every trade, contractors rely on the capabilities of reciprocating saws to cut a variety of materials. Hilti is proud to introduce the fastest cutting reciprocating saw in its class, the SR 6-A22. Designed for speed, this saw has the best performance in materials that vibrate and most work per charge. Hilti’s SR 6-A22 provides optimal efficiency with a new brushless motor, front and rear grips, cylindrical chuck design, front LED light and external blade release lever. These features come together to provide robust durability, backed by Hilti Fleet Management and our 20-2-1 warranty. APPLICATIONS AND ADVANTAGES Applications • Cutting metal pipes and conduits • Cutting reinforcing bars, threaded rods and metal profiles • Cutting window frames, woodwork and plastics Advantages • Ergonomic, keyless blade clamp for fast and easy blade changes • High-performance, lightweight tool with a long service life • Tool ergonomics optimized for two- handed operation • LED lamp built into the front of the tool to illuminate the cutting area • Innovative dust removal system available • High-efficiency brushless motor for a longer tool life Technical data Rated voltage 21.6 V Blade clamp 1/2” Keyless Brushless motor Yes Description Item number Tool body 2162151 Industrial kit 3497781 Advanced compact kit 3565254 Accessories Description Quantity Item number Recip. saw blade MD 6” 14 TPI 40 2099342 Recip. saw blade MD 9” 14 TPI 40 2099343 Recip. saw blade WDX 6” 6 TPI 20 2194393 Recip. saw blade WDX 9” 6 TPI 20 2194394 Recip. saw blade UD 6” 10-14 TPI 35 2099356 Recip. saw blade UD 8” 10-14 TPI 35 2099357  722/)/((7 0$1$*(0(17 <($5 /,0,7(' :$55$17<  <($5 :($5$1'7($5 &29(5$*(  '$< 5(3$,5 7851$5281' Tool warranty. Some limitations apply. Contact Hilti for details.