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HILTI ENGINEERED EPOXY FOR THE TRANSPORTATION SEGMENT Injectable mortar HIT-RE 10 HIT-RE 10 is the newest addition to Hilti’s best in class chemical anchor portfolio. This adhesive is engineered to satisfy demanding jobsite conditions for transportation doweling and anchoring at an economical price. HIT-RE 10 is ideal for roadways, bridges, railways and runway projects. It is now packaged in a new 19.6 oz. hard cartridge that integrates seamlessly with the HDM 500 manual dispenser and HDE 500 A-22 battery powered dispenser. The automatic dosing feature provides productivity and easy installation on the jobsite. As with every Hilti anchoring product, HIT-RE 10 comes with the sales and technical service support you come to expect from Hilti. APPLICATIONS AND ADVANTAGES Applications • Rebar doweling • Substitution of misplaced/missing rebar • Connection of secondary post-installed rebar Advantages • Suitable for post-installed rebar and concrete anchoring applications in accordance with Hilti technical data • Allows flexible installation due to the long working time • Available in 19.6 oz. hard cartridge, suitable for use under severe on-site conditions • Compatible with Hilti’s full range of accessories (e.g. cordless electric dispenser, steel brushes, piston plug) Technical data Base materials Concrete (uncracked) Base material condition Dry/Wet Anchoring elements Rebar Cleaning procedures Compressed-Air Cleaning In service temperature range -40 to 131 °F Approvals/Test reports DOT approval (contact Hilti) Description Item number Injectable mortar HIT-RE 10 580/1-WH 2142303 RE 10 19.6OZ/580ML/1-WH MC (24 pcs) 3593541 RE 10 19.6OZ/580ML (9MC)+HDM 500 3593542 RE 10 19.6OZ/580ML (18MC)+HDM 500 3594003 RE 10 19.6OZ/580ML (18MC)+HDE 500 3594004 Accessories Description Item number Dispenser HDM 500 box 2101993 HDE 500-A22 Starter package 3540270 Mixing nozzle HY/RE 337111