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LEADING THE INDUSTRY, WITHOUT THE CORD Cordless vacuum cleaner VC 75-1-A22 Hilti’s VC 75-1-A22 is leading the industry with double the suction power of vacuums in its size class at 75 cfm in full power mode, and twice the run time in Eco mode. This cordless vacuum runs on the most powerful 22V Li-Ion battery offered by Hilti and includes a HEPA filter and fleece pre-filter bag for cleaning. It is also the industry’s first cordless vacuum to meet new stringent government regulations regarding silica dust in the United States. The VC 75-1-A22, with its filter cleaning mechanism, provides an OSHA 1926.1153 Table 1 compliant solution for drilling holes in concrete or masonry when paired with Hilti’s new DRS-D shroud and TE-C(X) bits. Utilize Hilti ON!Track asset management to keep track of your OSHA documentation a nd compliance. APPLICATIONS AND ADVANTAGES Applications • Dry cleaning of a variety of materials • Dust-controlled drilling with DRS-D and TE-C(X) or SDS-Plus bits • Working in hard to reach places where space and portability are important • Blower function for blowing debris Advantages • Up to 2 times the suction power and run time of other vacuums in its size class • Filter cleaning mechanism allows for more productive work • Compliant drilling solution with filter cleaning mechanism when combined with DRS-D and TE-C(X) bits • HEPA filter and fleece pre-filter bag included ① ② Technical data Power (max.) CFM 75 CFM Filter cleaning mechanism Yes Filter efficiency ≥99% Height 11.2 in Width 8.8 in Rated voltage 21.6 V Weight 11.5 lb Description Package content Item number VC 75-1-A22 (tool only) Includes vacuum body + 1 fleece pre-filter bag + 1 HEPA filter 3590198 VC 75-1-A22 Industrial Includes #3590198 + 2 Industrial batteries + 1 charger 3590199 VC 75-1-A22 Industrial + DRS-D Includes #3590199 + DRS-D drilling dust collection device 3590201 Accessories Description Legend Item number Dust bag VC 75-1-A22 (5 pack) ① 2192260 Filter VC 75-1-A22 HEPA ② 2192228 Filter VC 75-1-A22 Dry ② 2192229 DRS-D drilling dust collection device ③ 2191207 ③  722/)/((7 0$1$*(0(17 <($5 /,0,7(' :$55$17<  <($5 :($5$1'7($5 &29(5$*(  '$< 5(3$,5 7851$5281' Tool warranty. Some limitations apply. Contact Hilti for details.