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VISIBLY TOUGH Rotating laser level PR 30-HVSG The all new PR 30-HVSG green rotating laser brings industry-leading green light visibility and robustness to the market. The hand-assembled core module is encased in an industrial-grade resin which allows for drops of up to 6 feet while maintaining accuracy. The Auto Alignment System™ and Auto-Surveillance function make aligning the beam as simple as a double-click on the receiver, increasing productivity. In addition, the PRA 30G remote/receiver simplifies the job and makes the PR 30-HVSG a one-person operation. Get free unlimited calibrations with Hilti Fleet Management. APPLICATIONS AND ADVANTAGES Applications • Aligning drywall • Leveling suspended ceilings • Transferring heights • Aligning pipes Advantages • Delivers accuracy within +/- 0.04-inch at 33 feet • Working range up to 985 ft diameter on detection mode and 656 ft diameter on remote mode when paired with the laser receiver PRA 30G • Drop tested from 6 ft IP 66 • Laser class 2 (OSHA compliant) green diode technology casts a bright green line, 4 times more visible than red Technical data Operating range receiver (diameter) 985 ft Operating range IR remote (diameter) 656 ft RPM 0, 300, 600, 1000 Scan Scan Line (Catch-me) 0°, 15°, 30°, 45° Self-leveling range ±5° Laser 510-530 nm, laser class 2 (green visible beam) Operation time with Li-ion battery 12V B12 Li-Ion rechargeable (tool): >  16h, charged in 30 minutes Alkaline (receiver): 40h Accuracy ± 0.04 in at 33 ft Operating temperature -10°C to 50° C / -14°F to 122°F Protection IP 66 (Dust tight / water splash) Functions Self leveling horizontal and vertical, scanning line, moving scan line, auto-alignment, auto-surveillance, slope Description Item number PR 30-HVSG tool 2181024 PR 30-HVSG basic kit 3592643 PR 30-HVSG w wallmount 3592644 PR 30-HVSG auto-tripod wallmount 3592646 PR 30-HVSG Buy 4 Get 1 3592646 Accessories Description we want to hear from you Item number Description Item number B12 Battery Pack 2.6 Ah 2077977 Laser receiver holder PRA 83 2071084 C4/12-50 Charger 2076996 Tripod PUA 25 2107119 Remote control PRA 30G 2181026 Batterboard adapter PRA 750 435441 Laser receiver PRA 20G 2106072 Target plate PRA 54 226976 Receiver holder batterboard PRA 751 435442 Wall mount PRA 72 2088509 Tripod star PUA 41 435444 Automatic tripod PRA 90 56543  ON TRACK ASSET MANAGEMENT 722/)/((7 0$1$*(0(17 <($5 /,0,7(' :$55$17<  <($5 :($5$1'7($5 &29(5$*(  '$< 5(3$,5 7851$5281' Tool warranty. Some limitations apply. Contact Hilti for details.