Innovation Issue MADE Magazine - Page 9

MADEXXX Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate Exfoliate 3 2 You can hydrate the skin topically by using products that have Hyaluronic acid in it. Hyaluronic is naturally occurring in our skin and that’s what gives us moisture. After all of the weeks of being wrapped up in the winter, the skin is not being exfoliated. You want to get rid of all of the oil accumulation and skin. Exfoliating gets off the top layer of skin allowing the radiant skin to be visible. Make sure you get those areas like the elbows and your knees—all those areas that become hard, thickened and dry during the Winter. Use an exfoliating and cleaning masque not only on the face, but on the body. In the Winter when you’re wearing thick heavy clothing, your pores tend to get clogged. Loreal Paris Pure Clay Cleansing Mask detoxes and brightens the skin. Use the Clarisonic brush: most people associate it just for the face but you can also use it on the body as well. The bene- fit is that not only does it exfoliate the skin, it also stimulates the blood vessels and allows the blood supply to come to the surface so you’re getting more nutrients and more oxygen flowing to the surface so your skin is going to grow. INNOVATION ISSUE For general body lotion, Dr. Sandy suggests using lotion with ceramide which helps to retain moisture in our skin such as Aveeno or CeraVe. For oral hydration, water, coconut water and aloe are also good to stay hydrated. Get Moving & Exercise 9 1