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MADETOLEAD MADEXXX POWER UP YOUR GLOW-UP: TOP 10 TIPS FOR RADIANT SKIN WITH DR. SANDY made by Ashley White Dr. Sandy Recommends: Sun Protection We all want healthy skin, so we tapped Dr. Natasha Sandy –the dermatologist responsible for Charlamagne Tha God’s luminous glow—for her best tips on bright and beautiful skin. Here she tells us how to protect our skin this summer and improve its overall health. What happens to our skin in the summer? Several things happen. Your body tempera- ture rises and you start to have increased oil production. Some people may notice that their skin will start to flake in the summer and that comes from excess oiliness. The excess oil creates pieces of fungus on the skin and the way skin responds to that is to flake. In the summer we’re generally exposed to UVB or UVA rays. UVA rays cause aging and UVB rays cause burning. We’re exposed to both throughout the year, but they’re more prominent in the Summer, so some people tend to get sunburned. | 1 People don’t associate sun with sun damage. Even though you may think [a tan] looks nice, the sun does cause damage to the skin and ultimately it gives the skin a dull appearance. So sun protection and sunscreen is very important in the Summer. The standard recommendation is SPF 30, but you also need to look at the ingredients. If you have SPF 30, that gives you 95% protection against the rays. If you get SPF 100, you get 97% protection, so there’s not much of a difference between 30, 50 and 100. 8