Innovation Issue MADE Magazine - Page 68

MADEXXX MADEUS A TRIBE OF PROFESSIONAL WOMEN OF COLOR made by Raven Jay Did you know that by age 65, the average working woman will have lost more than $343,000 over her lifetime compared to the wage gap? Despite this fact, breaking barriers and crashing through glass ceilings is nothing new for women. They hustle, have their own business and make their way to the C-suite in corporate America – they can do it all and well. But how did they get there? Who helped them? How can you do the same? Of the women who participated in the Made Maven Leadership Summit, many of them wrote about their experience, the information they received through the workshops and new found inspiration to be their best selves. Many were thankful to have the ability to be vulnerable which allowed The Made Maven Leadership Summit will continue to help young women around the country on their path to success. Kris plans to continue offering workshops and resources to ultimately create a tribe of women of color that are confident, ready to activate their full potential and create MADE Maven leaders around the world. CATCHING THE ACTION Valerie Harris In April, the Made Maven Leadership Summit, hosted by Kris Christian Founder and Publisher of Made Magazine created a space to position young women to be successful in business, philanthropy and professional sectors. The Summit gave these young women access to seasoned profession- als through workshops, leadership-panels, and networking and mentorship opportunities. them to find tangible ways to reach their goals. The mission of the summit was to drive the future of female forward, the summit exceeded everyone’s expectations. | 68