Innovation Issue MADE Magazine - Page 58

MADEXXX MADEINC 5 Keys to Forging Your Path in made by Jamila Parham L et me teach you the tricks of the trade to navigating your way up the corporate ladder and breaking into the IT Industry. I will share my journey and the golden nuggets I’ve learned along the way! I will teach you how to strategically land your next big role in technology! TECH 01. Diversify Your Experience • Become an expert at your craft but gain skills along the way • Jack of All Trades vs. Subject Matter Expert (SME) • SMEs can become so great at their job, oftentimes they are not considered for leadership opportunities • Pro: SME’s become super valuable, so valuable • Align your career and business with the core technology systems critical to day to day operations. This ensures longevity, these roles are high in demand and secure Map Your Expertise •Know your strengths and areas of growth! (Venn Diagram) •Map by the type of role and years of experience in these 3 categories: •Business Role •Technology Platform •Domain (Industry) | 58 02.