Innovation Issue MADE Magazine - Page 56

MADEXXX MADEINC The whole “jack of all trades” mentality is a bunch of crap to be honest. Why would you want to do everything? Because it sounds cool? Because you think that’s what an entrepreneur does? Because you think that makes you i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t? Do you know what that means? It means you’re counterproductive and lack leadership. The chances of you doing everything at the same level of excellence is slim to none. So stick with what you know well. Bring people on your team who are graced to do what you aren’t. That’s called efficiency. Being an entrepreneur is stressful enough. No use making it more stressful by trying to do everything on your own. Get you a dope team together who believes in you and what you’re looking to do. Go from there. You’ll thank yourself later. 4. Not everyone is going to support you – and that’s ok. Often times, especially when you’re first starting out as an entrepreneur, you assume that you’ll have the support of your family and friends. And while it’s easy to understand why you may have felt that way, the unfortunate reality is that’s not always the case. Family and friends won’t always donate to your cause, share your posts on social media, or even use your services. Sometimes, it’s because they’re secretly jealous of you. Other times, it’s because they just really don’t think you’re good at what you do (they just haven’t told you that, which is a separate issue in itself). But regardless of who’s not | 56