Innovation Issue MADE Magazine - Page 52

MADEXXX Photo by Maya Darasaw of M.A.D. Works Photography. WISE WORDS FOR EVERY RISING INNOVATOR WITH LOUIS CARR made by Maliz Mahop As the President of Media Sales for BET and the author of Little Black Book: Daily Motivation For Business & Person Growth and Dirty Little Secrets, Louis Carr has a plethora of advice on thriving in life and business. MADE caught up with Louis for words of wisdom that will help rising innovators turn success into a lifestyle. Maximize Your Resources. I give speeches and I tell young people all the time, I’m so jealous because you have some of the greatest technology in front of you to change the world. People say “Where are young people in being active in politics and social and civic work?” They’re on the internet. Everyone is not marching in the street. They’re marching to social media—Facebook and Instagram to give their opinions and their views about what’s happening in this country. If the internet was not around today, just think how many voices and opinions would be silent. You guys have the opportunity to create your own business in a big way. You have this opportunity with the internet and social media to create technology businesses, to create apps, to do all those types of things and be independent at a very early age. It is a great time to be young and gifted right now. Look deep at the opportunities that exist today and that you can create as an individual. Check Your Circle. The other thing you need to learn is how do you build a platform of people who want to see you win and are going to give you real advice. We all need that camaraderie of people that’s going to say, “You know you’re crazy, right? But I’m going to help you.” Surround yourself with a group of people that really just want you to win because they really just like you as a person. They should consist of friends, they should consist of family, they should consist of associates, they should consist of mentors. Remember To Give Back. I think everybody in their own way can think of people who did something for them and | 52