Innovation Issue MADE Magazine - Page 50

MADEXXX MADEINC Kiki AYERS with Jasmine Browley & By looking at her PR client roster, you would never be able to tell that a few years ago, Kiki Ayers was homeless. Founder and CEO of Ayers Publicity, she’s interviewed and/or worked with the likes of Jamie Foxx, Floyd Mayweather and Diddy among many others, but she truly worked her way from the bottom up. In her interview with How I MADE It podcast she walked us through how her trials and tribulations helped pave her path to success. Here’s a few highlights from the conversation: On why she decided to pivot away from entertainment journalism to PR: “I started in entertainment journalism, earned my degree from Howard University in the field but I soon realized that the field wasn’t as financially viable as I would like. The job as a red carpet correspondent may appear very glamorous but the work is X[[H^H\܈[ \XYBH[[HX]\HH[XYHYHۛX[ۜH^H[YH\B\ܝ\H\[Z[X\]HXX”\\HوZH^Y\œ[][ۜ&HXXX]\HHY›X[H[\X[ۜ][Hݙ\B\Hو^H\Y\[H\XHœ^HH\[\H[HX\[˜H]XHYK'BۈHY\Z\ۘ\[ۜX][\Z[Y['[H]H\Y\BX\[X]Y\[H[Y\\˜[[]\H\۸&]X[ܚš[Y ][۸&]YH\B[[[\ܚ]Z\]BHX\ٝ[[\Y]X\HBX[Y[܈[H[X]x&\™][ x&]HY[۝ܝوܚ™܈[\][H[\\\˜YܙH]][[Y\]BYX\HYX\[Y\][ݚ[˸'Bۈ\Y[\ۙ\\Y\\X\'H۸&]YHH[ۙ^H]B[^\ۙ]]H[YH\HقYH]ۛH[[X[X\]H[\K\H\[ H[H\Hۙ][\Y ܚY[]ܚY\ZH]\[ۙHYBH[[[[\]]HYK]\]YYH]YB[ZH[H[H\X[ۈ][B]\Y[x&YK]\ۙ\ž[H]HZ]]][]]\][ 'BXYK[XY^[KHL