Innovation Issue MADE Magazine - Page 49

MADEXXX MADEINC came in contact with my previous work at Nike when they see Super Heroic. It’s also being in pursuit of providing wonderment and joy and feeding people’s curiosity. That’s what Michael is as a human being and as an athlete. READY TO LAUNCH Jason Mayden Shares His Best Advice On Starting Your Own Apparel Collection Have a reason to do it besides it’s cool and you want to talk about it on Instagram. Because at a certain point that reaction from the people who follow you is going to fade. It’s just you, your laptop and your empty sketchbook sitting there on a flight to China in coach trying to figure out, “Why the hell did I make this decision to build this product at this time?” You need more than the social uplift you get when you announce what you’re trying to do. You need a why. You need a real reason to want to build something. Because it’s significantly hard, it’s boring, it’s taxing, its challenging but it’s also invigorating and exciting when you know you have a reason to do it. Make sure you identify your why and lean into that daily because that’s what going to keep you on your feet when you want to quit. Nothing worth doing comes cheap. There’s a cost to everything. There’s a financial cost, there’s a time cost, there’s a relational cost. You have to be willing to accept whatever that cost is. A lot of people assume they can dabble in this and say “I’m a designer/DJ/hair stylist” – there’s no slash. Either you are a founder or you’re not. Either you’re in it or you’re not. I think people feel real good announcing they’re an entrepreneur. The act of an entrepreneur is to be obsessed over solving a problem. That’s the core nature of entrepreneurship. You’re obsessed to the point where you’re going to start a company to solve this problem. So realize that there is a sacrifice, there is a price to pay but the upside of that is great. I’m not talking about the financial upside. I’m talking about the experiential and the spiritual upside, knowing that you at least tried in your life, is the greatest feeling in the world. Don’t worry about the critics, don’t worry about what people say. There’s always somebody that’s going to love your what you do. Lean into the love. Ignore the hate. Because those one or two people who love what you’re doing, they know three or four people who also love it. So lean into the people who love you. Tell them that you appreciate them and show them gratitude. Don’t try to be one person online and try to be another person in public because that’s fake. People want to experience and consume products from people they actually feel like they can hang out with and people they look up to. So in a world where telling the truth is abnormal, that’s the best strategy. Because everyone expects you to lie so why lie when you can just tell the truth and never have to worry about being exposed. So just be yourself and lean into the people who love you and let that be your currency if you value whether your wealthy or not. I guarantee you’ll be hella successful compared to your peers because if they’re playing the short game of I need to get in this video with xyz celebrity and post like we’re friends vs I need to get in the lab and create my future, then you’re going to see that the outcome is very different for you. So just have fun. This is the best moment ever to be creative because we can do everything we always dreamed of. INNOVATION ISSUE 49