Innovation Issue MADE Magazine - Page 48

MADEXXX MADEINC create this moment where children can see themselves as part of the narrative and not just consumers of a narrative, but it just wasn’t the right time—the market wasn’t mature, the sneaker culture itself was still evolving so people weren’t thinking beyond what was currently accepted. What I noticed when my son got sick was there are very few narratives that encourage the child to be creative and to be physical so our whole positioning is around this notion of creativity and physical ability. When I looked at the research we conducted I looked at the market, the embodiment of aspirational creativity and physical prowess is a super hero and you can see how that’s playing out right now. Superheroes are the most aspirational archetype that you can aspire toward. Even moreso than the athlete, so I think it was a combination of me starting at the age of seven when I was in the hospital and being on my death bed and falling in love with comic book narratives when I couldn’t move and play and continue in that spirit and desire to use stories and artifacts to enhance the child’s well-being. It was a natural evolution for me away from performance products for adults and athletes to build performance play products for children, so I think the idea had always been inside, me but it was just about timing and me stepping into what I believe is my purpose. The South Side Of Chicago Has A Major Influence On His Work My upbringing on the South Side has influenced my work significantly. There’s a certain way that we dress, there’s a certain way that we speak, there’s a certain knowledge of o )ѽ䰁хݱ)ݽѠչх)ͥɕѥѼѡɕѥٔ)́ȁɥѥ́ѡɔ)%Ёٔѡ́չٕ݅ɥ͕͔)͕ݡɔݡ)׊eɔͥȁٕ䁑䰁׊eɔ)ѥȁ́ЁѡɔѼ)ɥѥՕѼɽ)ɕѕȁѕM)eЁٔɥݡ)́ݱݡɔԁ)ɽ́́ፕѥ)ɐѼЁȁՙЁѼѡ)ݽɱѡɕٔѡ)ѡЁ́ɵ䁝ٕM )ѡMѠMٔ)ٕ́ѡ́ѥՕ͕͔)͕ɥ͕ٔЁͼ)Ёѡ͕Ёɥͥ)ݽɵЁ͔ѡɗéͼ)䁑ɕЁ́ )ѡЁЁѡ́ఁѥհ)ѥѕ($)]Ё!1ɹɽ5))ɑ)]Ё)ɑѡЁ$ѡЁ)eЁչх́ѡЁѡ)݅䁥ݡݔ٥܁ȁɽѡ)ݽɱ%ӊéхЁɥ)Ѽٔݡ׊eɔѡɔ͔)׊eɔЁͅɥѽѡЁݡ)׊eɔ́Ѽх)͔ԁ܁Ё)ɔЁѡɽՍЁՙѡ)׊eɔݽɭͼ͕5)܁ɕЁѡ)ݡЁݔ܁ݔɕ)ѡՅ䁽ݡЁݔɽՍ)ѡЁɥ݅ɐЁɥ)݅ɐѼٕѡ$)$ѡ)ѡͽ)ݡ́Ѽ)ɥ)ɽՍ́)ѡЁѥ)$݅Ёѡ)ѼЁ)፥ѕ́ѡ)ͽݡ)饹(