Innovation Issue MADE Magazine - Page 46

MADEXXX MADEINC Photo by Ben Arons, Randi Zuckerberg s accomplished. She’s authored several books, spearheaded a media company, and performed on Broadway. But she still has doubts about being able to do it the same time. In her latest book, Pick Three: You can have it all (just not everyday), she tackles the notion that the only formula to success is to have a mastery of balance. RANDI ZUCKERBERG | AUTHOR Why she decided to write about work / life balance: “Life usually falls into five buckets consisting of work, sleep, family, friends and fitness. In a perfect world we would all do all of those things perfectly on a daily basis. But because we’re living in a world of social media perfection, we’ve put a crazy amount of pressure on ourselves to be able to do it all very well, all the time. I wanted to not only dispel that notion but also show people how to do things their way without feeling bad about it.” Why it’s best to live “lopsided”: “It’s not a revolutionary idea--we have to prioritize the things that are most important to us in order to make them greater. In this book, I lay out why it was best for me to only pick three things to prioritize at a time in order to be successful at them. just three of those buckets each day and as long as you vary that combo (and track it), the end sum is, well, balanced. Why she’s a proponent of “realistically” following your passions: “I’ve always been a big fan of music and loved to sing, but I chose tech because it was safe and dependable. When I decided to leave Silicon Valley, although fearful, I returned to my love of performing by taking a stint on Broadway. However, I made sure to keep my eye on my businesses and other interests as well. PLEASE go after what you want, but also be cognizant of your other priorities.” | 46