Innovation Issue MADE Magazine - Page 36

MADELIFE MADEXXX But, the more significant issue will be how you deal with your disagreements, especially when they become heated. Physical aggression is unacceptable and tearing down your partner and saying things to lower their self-esteem, hurt their feelings or make them feel bad about themselves are non-starters. Healthy disagreements should never be about these things. Learning how to cool off, take a break from one another, or some space and then coming back to deal with the issues without making them about the other person in a personal way is extremely important. Statistically, couples who argue well and in a respectful way tend to stand the test of time and have longevity in their relationships. It is also one of the most significant factors of a successful relationship. accounts. Your debt will become his/her debt and likewise. Know what you are getting into and how you plan to manage the co-mingling of your money. A credit report also provides you with useful insight into how someone handles their financial responsibilities. It is a historical snapshot of how someone manages their budget. Ask your SO how they would handle a disagreement and more importantly observe what happens when the two of you have a dispute with one another. 9 Who will handle the financial matters in our home? Finances are essential in a relationship. And it’s critical that you and your SO are on the same page about money and how you will handle it in your household. Here are a couple of things you should know before you walk down the aisle. Review each other’s credit report and bank | 36 Determine if you will have joint accounts or keep your finances separate. Some couples decide to keep things separate and have one joint account together. Other couples choose to combine their money across several accounts. Decide if one person will take the lead in handling the finances or if it will be a shared duty. Discuss what retirement looks like to your