Innovation Issue MADE Magazine - Page 34

MADEXXX MADELIFE And when you put in time with someone, it is only a matter of time before you see how they handle life when things are going well and when things may not be going as well. Watching aggression levels and seeing if they have a healthy outlet for their frustration will show you definite signs of someone’s personality. 3 What is your relationship with your family? Your in-laws will become an extension of your relationship, and if you are marrying someone with kids, their kids will become part of your family too. Be sure you are observant and well aware of your SO’s family dynamics. Are they particularly close to them? Do you enjoy spending time with your SO’s family? Are the family dynamics favorable? Don’t go into this one blindly. Everyone has some level of dysfunction in their families, but observe, and determine if their family is one that is a fit for you. 4 But, the key is to ask yourself are you ok with their hobby, business endeavor, or activity to the point that you don’t feel it would impact your relationship negatively? If you aren’t good with something that is uber important to your SO, it will be a rub in a not so good way. 5 This question is three- fold. What is your partner passionate about, how do they pursue that passion, and is it something you can support in the long-term? What values are most important to you if we decide to have and raise our kids? First of all, you both need to have a serious conversation to determine if you want to have kids. If you aren’t both on the same page on this one, it can wreak havoc later on in the relationship. Don’t go into your relationship thinking that your partner will change his/ her mind about having kids if they have told you this is something they do not want to do. Even in instances where this may change, or one person decides to have kids when the other person didn’t can be a source of contention. Each person will have different passions in a relationship. And this is a good thing. Being with someone who is passionate about their interests helps to add another layer to your relationship. If you pass that hurdle and decide you do want to have kids, discuss how you want to raise your kids. Do you want to live in the city or the suburbs? Do you want your kids to | 34